theTixs uses different cancellation policies, depending on the specific activity you choose: tour, event, rental. Partners provide applicable cancelation policies for each of their activities; if no cancelation policy is available on the activity page, theTixs cancelation policy takes effect. Policies for each particular activity can be found on each acitivity FAQs under the "Cancellation Policy" tab. If you have an existing booking, you can verify the applicable cancellation policy by checking the cancellation policy section of your activity.

  • Partner Cancelation Policy - You can cancel or reschedule bookings based on the partner's policy. Visit your activity page for information about cancelations, rechedules and refunds.
  • All Sales are Final - These activities cannot be changed or canceled for any reason. No refund will be issued. 
  • theTixs Cancelation Policy - Activities without a cancelation policy stated in  their page are subject to theTixs Cancelation Policy