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The Everglades area is a vast and varied ecosystem containing the largest mangrove forest in North America. Throughout the forest are brackish "lakes" whose waters are a mix of "sweet" freshwater and saltwater. This is part of what makes the Everglades so special. These lakes, surrounded by mangroves, are refuges and nursery grounds for herons, egrets, stilts, ducks, wood storks, spoonbills, alligators, otters and a gamut of fishes. This is where the Everglades transition from freshwater to saltwater and is a wonderful place to experience. Interconnecting these lakes are narrow, flowing tidal creeks. The mangrove forest grows to the very edge and even over the tops of these creeks forming a canopy or a tunnel. The sunlight (or moonlight) shimmering through the canopy, the stillness of the forest vegetation and the sounds of the forest itself, make for a surreal and mystical experience in the tunnels. The dense canopy regulates moisture and humidity allowing orchids, mosses, and bromeliads to thrive. A moonlight tour or sunset tour in the tunnels can be something you will never forget. Many guests choose a private experience. Tours conducted privately are more intimate... just you and your guide. As well, we can tailor the tour to your needs ... specific departure times, sunrise photography, sunsets, birding, etc. Our favorite times to be on the water are very early mornings and late afternoons...wildlife is commonly more active and the lighting best for photography. This trip is commonly conducted on the upper end of the Turner River in Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve or within Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park … two wonderful parts of your planet.


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Important information!
There is a minimum of 2 people required per booking
What to bring?
All Taxes & Fees. Gratuity customary and not includedPlease bring wharever you wish to eat or drink. We do suggest plenty of water, but please adhere to our "Leave No Trace" policy. Clothing should be appropriate for the season and the day's weather. The transport boat is open and we travel swiftly. A light jacket is needed on most trips. Sun protection is always a good idea ...hats, sun block, etc. Along the beaches, you may wish to get out of the kayaks and walk in the water or you may wish to take a bit of time on the beach by yourself. Protective footwear, that you do not mind getting wet, is a good recommendation. Bring a camera (in a plastic zip lock bag if it is not waterproof). Binoculars and field glasses are also a good idea. You will also need to complete a Kayak Rental Release Form
Why don't you use airboats?
Everglades Area Tours operates directly in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. All out experiences are based on fun and ethical experiential outdoor education. In fact, we are only the second tour operator certified by the Florida Society for Ethical EcoTourism. Our most common and popular experiences last about a half of a day. All tours are conducted by professional educators and Florida Master Naturalists and it is out intend that you thoroughly enjoy your experience, but also learn and come away with a greater understanding of the this very special place. While the airboat is a "neat" piece of equipment, it is NOT a mechanism for ecotourism and education. Most rides last 45-50 minutes and are designed for thrills and screams. They are loud and require hearing protection and are simply too loud for anyone to hear an interpretive guide. As well, their noise has an big impact on the wildlife. So much so that they are NOT ALLOWED in Everglades National Park where we operate
Why use kayaks and canoes for Eco-Tours?
Our tours are not the typical canned tours where raccoons, acclimated to humans ,are hand fed. We venture deep into the natural environment. The wildlife there is just that ... wild. They shy from large boats and loud noises. We use the kayak transport boat to get us near an area and then deploy the kayaks to quietly get close. So, there are no long aggressive paddles ... just the opposite. The kayaks, along with being very stable and easy to paddle, are quiet, stealthy and unobtrusive to most wildlife. They allow you to get as close as possible to the wading birds for example. Further, these tours are an educational experience. The kayaks are an excellent tool for this as we can get you up close to things. Close enough to touch. We can actually pick up the "ball of oysters" and see the crabs and critters that live in the small eco-system. The experience is much more intimate.
What if I don't want to paddle far?
You do not need to. The long distances are coved in the transport boat. We only deploy the kayaks once we arrive. We sometimes have some guests that choose to stay in the boat or roam the beaches while others are on the paddle tour. We do encourage you to join the paddle part of the trip, however. Your Everglades Experience will be much more complete if you do.
Taxes & Fees?
All taxes & fees are included
Terms & Conditions?
Fortunately, we are in an area where weather rarely forces us to cancel a tour. We have many choices and options in this wonderful area. However, your captain/guide has the ultimate responsibility for your safety and so will make all "GO and NO-GO" decisions. There are times when we may delay a departure due to passing weather. If we must make a "NO-GO" decision, you will have an option to re-schedule your tour, receive a full refund or join another tour that is not affected by the day's conditions. We want you to enjoy our tours and have a great time. We do realize that situations occur that can alter travel schedules and plans. We limit the number of guests on each tour to assure an intimate experience. Your reservation assures that you will have a position on the tour and that we will not book other guests. If you must cancel a tour more than 48 hours prior to departure, you will have the option to re-schedule the tour, receive a gift certificate for a future tour or receive a refund. If a tour is cancelled within 48 hours and the tour cannot be rescheduled, the deposited monies may be forfeited, or a gift certificate may be issued, at our sole discretion. All customer cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

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32016 Tamiami Trail East, Everglades City, 34139


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Sarah Martinez

12/12/2020 04:50

Wonderful Tour!

We had a wonderful time. Fun, relaxing, and very knowledgeable really enjoyed our tour. Would definitely highly recommend it.
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