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Asked On 03/26/2021

theTixs is a Miami based online travel marketplace focused on promoting tours, activities, events, rentals and things to do.

Asked On 03/26/2021

Because we focus on promoting anything that can be sold as a ticket (and the name tix was already taken)

Asked On 03/15/2021

Tixs: How we spell “ticket and tickets”

Affiliate: Refers to any person or any company making use of the company’s platform and website for selling tours, attractions and/or services to a customer

Partner: Any person or any company that provides its own tour, attraction and/or service and uses the company’s platform and website to showcase and promote such products.

Product: Refers to any service sold by the company. The service can be a tour (i.e. boat tour, bus tour), an attraction (i.e. museum, observation deck) or a professional service (i.e. personal training, private dinner).

Variable: Refer to a term that changes the sale of a product that will affect its price, commission and net rate. (i.e. Adult, Child, Senior)

Categories: Overall set for a group of products i.e. Tours, Attractions, Groups. Tags: Something for the purpose of identification or to give other information i.e. family, romantic, animals

Free-sell: Product that does not require a reservation prior to booking

Reservation: Product that requires the partner to be notified of the possible booking before or after, as booking may be subject to availability or has a pick up that needs to be confirmed.

Invoice: Bill generated for partner that includes all total of monthly sales reflecting each transaction generated for each product with its unique transaction code.

Commission: Money paid to each affiliate for the sale of a product or service. It varies according to product variables.

Net Rate: Set amount of money that is to be paid to a Partner for each sale of each product. It varies according to product variables.

Receipt: Email a customer receives automatically after the purchase of Tixs. Has a confirmation number for security purposes such as duplicates, double bookings, etc. It Has a link to the voucher. (See Receipt/Voucher)

Confirmation Number: Unique coded number (letters/numbers) that is used to track sales to use for reference on payments, summary.Number must be the same as generated by square. Voucher: Acts as receipt for the customer and partner.

Voucher must be printable and must have the same confirmation number than the receipt. (See Receipt/Voucher)

Asked On 03/26/2021

Partners are individuals, family businesses and companies that list their activities on theTixs Marketplace. 

Asked On 03/26/2021

An affiliate is an individual or business that promotes theTixs marketplace to others

Asked On 03/26/2021

Tixs are our way to say ticket(s). More formally, it can also be defined as
Tixs [tiks] noun. plural Informal 1. Tickets. Origin: From Tics, shortened from tickets

Asked On 03/26/2021

eTixs are electronic and mobile-friendly Tixs that do not need to be printed

Asked On 05/01/2021

theTixs Marketplace showcases local business promoting their products in multiple markets and connects partners with affiliates to increase the distribution of their products.

We also offer multiple business services such as B2B distributionmarketingconsulting and international representation.

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