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Asked On 03/15/2021

Tixs: How we spell “ticket and tickets”

Affiliate: Refers to any person or any company making use of the company’s platform and website for selling tours, attractions and/or services to a customer

Partner: Any person or any company that provides its own tour, attraction and/or service and uses the company’s platform and website to showcase and promote such products.

Product: Refers to any service sold by the company. The service can be a tour (i.e. boat tour, bus tour), an attraction (i.e. museum, observation deck) or a professional service (i.e. personal training, private dinner).

Variable: Refer to a term that changes the sale of a product that will affect its price, commission and net rate. (i.e. Adult, Child, Senior)

Categories: Overall set for a group of products i.e. Tours, Attractions, Groups. Tags: Something for the purpose of identification or to give other information i.e. family, romantic, animals

Free-sell: Product that does not require a reservation prior to booking

Reservation: Product that requires the partner to be notified of the possible booking before or after, as booking may be subject to availability or has a pick up that needs to be confirmed.

Invoice: Bill generated for partner that includes all total of monthly sales reflecting each transaction generated for each product with its unique transaction code.

Commission: Money paid to each affiliate for the sale of a product or service. It varies according to product variables.

Net Rate: Set amount of money that is to be paid to a Partner for each sale of each product. It varies according to product variables.

Receipt: Email a customer receives automatically after the purchase of Tixs. Has a confirmation number for security purposes such as duplicates, double bookings, etc. It Has a link to the voucher. (See Receipt/Voucher)

Confirmation Number: Unique coded number (letters/numbers) that is used to track sales to use for reference on payments, summary.Number must be the same as generated by square. Voucher: Acts as receipt for the customer and partner.

Voucher must be printable and must have the same confirmation number than the receipt. (See Receipt/Voucher)

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